Members of East Lothian Planning Committee met on Tuesday 27th March to decide on applications relating to housing developments in Pencaitland and Haddington and a single house in North Berwick.

The applications were for a housing development at Lempockwells Road, Pencaitland; affordable housing at Letham Mains, Haddington, and one house at Nungate Road, North Berwick.

The Lempockwells application related to a development of 120 houses and flats which was refused planning permission by East Lothian Council but then overturned on appeal by the Scottish Government. The application before the committee concerned specifics relating to the layout and design of the site and the finish of the houses. The development includes 30 affordable units. Planners had recommended consent be granted and committee members approved the application by eight votes to three.

The Letham Mains application dealt with changes to the house types, layout and orientation of some homes in a development of 67 detached houses, 10 semi-detached houses, 41 terraced houses and 32 flats. The development forms part of the wider Letham Mains site which is already being developed for a range of housing, a primary school and a sports pitch and changing facilities. Committee members voted unanimously to approve the application, in line with planners’ recommendation.

At Nungate Road, North Berwick, the planning application related to construction of a house on garden ground to the rear of properties 7, 9 and 11 Nungate Road. A previous application for a house here had been refused by committee. This latest application altered the siting and some details of the design of the house and planners recommended that consent be granted. Committee members voted in favour of granting consent by six votes to five.

The main relevant application numbers are: Pencaitland, 17/00815/AMM and 14/00732/PPM; Haddington 17/01120/PM and 14/00089/PM and North Berwick 18/00012/P.

Published: Wednesday, 28th March 2018