Members of East Lothian Planning Committee met on Tuesday 6th March to decide on an application relating to Smeaton Recycling Centre.

They also discussed changes to planning conditions of a housing development to the west of Aberlady; changes to planning conditions at Seton Sands Holiday Village and two applications relating to an extension at Law Road, North Berwick.

Variation of conditions attached to planning permission for operations at Smeaton Recycling Centre near Carberry were approved with a slight amendment, meaning the movement of vehicles and site operations can continue over longer periods of time and over a larger site area. The amendment means that aggregate crushing cannot take place at weekends or between 6pm and 9pm on weekdays. Motions to completely ban operations and vehicle movements on the site on Sundays, and for the planning permission to lapse after a year, were outvoted.

Committee members also agreed to amend a planning condition that would see a footpath created along the southern side of the A198 linking up to a new housing development to the west of Aberlady, which was granted permission in December 2017. Members heard there was already a footpath on the other side of the A198 and an off-road access from the new site into the village of Aberlady so the developers argued that the new footpath was unnecessary. Members agreed to amend the condition instead so that a crossing point be created on the A198 with lowered kerbs and other measures such as speed reducing measures and warning signs.

It was also agreed to remove a planning condition for a new footpath to be built from the south side of Seton Sands holiday village, to join up with Links Road. Members heard that when the condition was applied, there was access over a stile to a grass verge on Links Road from Seton Sands. As the park has now expanded, that access is no longer available, so the applicant successfully argued that the footpath was no longer necessary.

The final two applications considered by the committee were for an extension to a listed building at 2 Law Road, North Berwick for retail and business use. Planners had recommended refusal of the application due to concerns around the impact on the conservation area and a listed building. However, committee members voted to allow the development as they were satisfied the development would not be intrusive and it would also provide more office space in the centre of North Berwick.

The main relevant application numbers are: Smeaton, 15/00192/PM and 09/00617/FUL ; Aberlady, 18/00055/PM and 16/00552/PM; Seton Sands, 17/01185/PM and 11/00975/AMC; North Berwick, 17/00866/P and 17/00867/LBC.

Published: Wednesday, 7th March 2018