The proposal to close North Berwick Nursery School and re-designate it as nursery stage of Law Primary School has been approved by councillors at a meeting of East Lothian Council.

The decision to close the standalone nursery school and re-designate it as a nursery stage within Law Primary School follows a statutory public consultation. The change – which is subject to the conclusion of a Scottish Ministerial call-in period – is expected to take effect from August 2018, or as soon as possible thereafter.


Councillors heard that the proposal formalises the shared headship arrangement across Law Primary School and North Berwick Nursery School that has been in place since August 2013. The current staffing, budget and management operation is also in line with the nursery class model in operation across East Lothian Council.


A report on the consultation indicated that the majority of respondents were in favour of the proposal. Education Scotland also reported potential benefits to the children and families concerned, including an improved transition process for children as they move from nursery to primary school.


At the same meeting, councillors approved the proposal to extend the catchment area of Law Primary School to include development land that is currently part of the Dirleton Primary School catchment.


Councillors heard that feedback from the public consultation on the changes to the catchment area were overwhelmingly in favour. Education Scotland also reported potential benefits including the right of children living close by in the same community to attend the same school.


Councillor Shamin Akhtar, cabinet spokesperson for Education and Children’s Services, said:

“Once again, I wish to thank everyone who has been involved in these public consultations which have been a huge amount of work for many people, and to thank those who took the time to share their views with us.


“The decision to formalise the shared headship arrangements at North Berwick Nursery School and Law Primary will not only improve continuity and for learners, but it will provide a seamless transition for the young children moving into primary who will benefit by having staff and management who know them well. I also have no doubt that it will have a lasting positive impact on both schools by further developing and enhancing a shared vision, values and aims – from nursery stage into P1 and beyond.”

Published: Wednesday, 25th April 2018