Members of East Lothian Planning Committee met on Tuesday 5th June to decide on three applications.

The applications related to a residential development at Whitecraig; alterations and change of use to the Quayside complex, Musselburgh, to change the former restaurant, gym and swimming pool to form a nursing home; and erection of a storage shed at North Berwick Harbour.


Planning permission in principle was granted for a new development of 250 houses on land north east of Cowpits Road, Whitecraig. Planners had recommended approval of the application subject to a change in developer contributions in line with current council guidelines. The application was unanimously approved by committee members.


The application for a change of use at the Quayside complex to form a nursing home had been recommended for approval by council planners. However, following a long debate, committee members voted 10 votes to one to refuse permission.


The final application was for erection of a storage shed adjacent to North Berwick Harbour. Planners had recommend refusal on the grounds of the size and position of the shed restricting the amount of space available for dinghy users to manoeuvre in the area and access space for storage. However, members voted unanimously to approve the application.


The relevant application numbers are: Whitecraig, 17/00917/PPM; Musselburgh, 18/00205/P; and North Berwick, 18/00396/P.



Published: Wednesday, 6th June 2018