Members of East Lothian Planning Committee met on Tuesday 26th June 2018 to discuss applications relating to holiday lodges at Humbie, coastal defences at North Berwick and amendments to planning conditions relating to housing development at Gullane.

Planning officials had recommended approval of an application for the construction of three holiday lodges, a micro-hydro plant and a solar panel array at Stobshiel Mains, near Humbie. After a debate, committee members voted six votes to five to refuse planning permission due to concerns about the potential impact on the working of the nearby farm and the impact of the development on the landscape. 

Planning permission was unanimously granted for the refurbishment of existing costal defences at North Berwick Golf Club and the installation of new interventions such as the planting of marram grass, the refurbishment of a timber embankment and soft rock sandbags – to protect the current layout of the golf course and the associated dune paths.  

The final application was for the variation of conditions attached to existing planning permission for a new housing development at Fenton Gait East, Gullane. The application was unanimously approved to the developer no longer needs to provide a new footpath link through Muirfield Steading as there are already existing safe routes into Gullane. Landscaping details around the development were also altered slightly.

The relevant application numbers are: Gullane 18/00422/PM and 16/00587/PM, North Berwick 17/00767PM; and Humbie 16/00101/PP


Published: Wednesday, 27th June 2018