Continued abusive behaviour leads to ASBO

An Interim Antisocial Behaviour Order (ASBO) has been granted against Stephen Dixon (28) of Eskside West, Musselburgh following an application to Edinburgh Sheriff Court by East Lothian Council.

The court was presented with details of the alleged antisocial behaviour of Mr Dixon which included shouting and swearing at staff and public visitors on a number of occasions at the Brunton Hall, Musselburgh. He also made several abusive telephone calls to staff of East Lothian Council which caused them distress and alarm.

The terms of the ASBO prohibits Mr Dixon from entering the Brunton Hall, Musselburgh unless attending for a previously arranged appointment and from shouting, swearing or behaving in an aggressive manner towards any member of staff working at East Lothian Council offices.

A council spokesperson said: “Mr Dixon behaved in an antisocial manner on a number of occasions at the Brunton Hall.  The Council has a responsibility to ensure that all of its employees work within a safe environment and will take robust action when employees face abusive and/or aggressive behaviour. Mr Dixon’s actions and verbal outbursts have caused considerable distress and alarm not only to staff within the Brunton Hall but also to visitors.”

Published: Tuesday, 10th July 2018