Complaints about antisocial behaviour lead to legal action

Interim Antisocial Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) have been granted against Samantha Storrie (26) and Ian Hood (29) of Langriggs, Haddington following applications being made to Edinburgh Sheriff Court by East Lothian Council.

The terms of the Interim ASBOs prohibit Ms Storrie and Mr Hood from behaving in a way that causes, or is likely to cause, alarm or distress to others by shouting, swearing, using aggressive, abusive or intimidating language or behaviour within their home, and in Langriggs, or allowing or encouraging their visitors to do same. The Order also limits the number of visitors to their home to two persons, with the exception of those attending there as part of their employment, and stops Ms Storrie and Mr Hood from generating excessive noise such as loud music from their house.

A council spokesperson said: “The interim ASBOs served on Ms Storrie and Mr Hood resulted from repeated complaints being made to East Lothian Council by residents of Langriggs, Haddington. East Lothian Council will use all legal remedies available to combat the type of behaviour complained of. The council worked closely with colleagues in Police Scotland in compiling the evidence that was used to support the applications. The council will continue to work with Police Scotland in taking robust action against those whose behaviour causes alarm and distress to others.

Published: Thursday, 9th August 2018