Series of complaints result in ASBO application

An interim Antisocial Behaviour Order (ASBO) has been granted against Louise Scott (39) of North High Street, Musselburgh following an application to Edinburgh Sheriff Court by East Lothian Council.

The court was presented with details of Ms Scott’s alleged antisocial behaviour and that of visitors to her home, which included shouting, swearing and using aggressive, abuse or intimidating language that caused alarm and distress to other residents of North High Street.

The terms of the interim ASBO prohibit Ms Scott from shouting and swearing when at her property and prohibit her from permitting or encouraging visitors to do the same. Ms Scott is also prohibited from having more than two visitors at her property at any one time, except individuals who are there in the course of their employment, and from generating any kind of excessive noise such as repeated banging or slamming doors at the property.

A council spokesperson said: “Antisocial behaviour can have a corrosive effect on local communities and the unacceptable activities of just one person can cause alarm and distress to many others. In this particular case both the council’s Safer Communities team and Police Scotland responded to a number of complaints from members of the public. If anyone feels they are affected by antisocial behaviour they should contact the Safer Communities Team on 01875 824 307.”

Published: Tuesday, 21st August 2018