Problem Solving Partnership to combat Haddington town centre antisocial behaviour

East Lothian Council and Police Scotland, in conjunction with local Councillors and business owners, have established a Problem Solving Partnership (PSP) in Haddington designed to combat the antisocial behaviour that has recently come to the fore in the Town Centre.

Measures adopted include; an increase in community warden and police foot patrols, the taking of joint police / council action against those identified as behaving in an antisocial fashion, pro-active monitoring of public space CCTV cameras, the weekend deployment of the council’s CCTV van and ongoing engagement with young people via the council’s Community Learning and Development Team.

An East Council Spokesperson said; “East Lothian Council will work alongside Police Scotland in addressing antisocial behaviour in all of East Lothian’s town centres. In Haddington, the Police and the Council have taken action against a number of those identified as behaving in a way that has caused alarm and distress to others. The council is aware of the adverse effect that this type of behaviour can have on communities and local businesses. Since the creation of the PSP in mid-July, and’ as a result of actions taken, there has been a sharp drop in the number of reports being made to both agencies. Efforts will continue to target those whose irresponsible behaviour blights the lives of others”.   

Local Area Commander for East Lothian, Chief Inspector Steven Duncan, said: "Following engagement with local residents and business owners, police have formed part of a multi-agency team to deal with this issue. Action has already been taken and although incidents have now reduced, we will continue to monitor the area for any ongoing problems.

"This is a clear example of us listening to the public's concerns and responding with our partners, and I would welcome any further feedback so that we can continue to work to deliver a safer and more vibrant community for those who live and work in Haddington."

Published: Thursday, 13th September 2018