A Haddington man has been banned from shouting, swearing, screaming, fighting, arguing and causing alarm and distress to residents or visitors to Langriggs, Haddington following the granting of an Interim ASBO at Edinburgh Sheriff Court earlier this month.

Lee Rutherford, 26, who is living care of an address in Langriggs was the subject of a string of complaints stretching back two years, including smoking cannabis in and around the property, arguing, screaming, shouting and banging doors and acting in an aggressive manner – all of which caused alarm and distress to residents of the street. Despite repeated warnings, the antisocial behaviour continued and the interim ASBO was applied for and later granted at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on 3 October 2018.

East Lothian Council’s Safer Communities Team worked closely with Police Scotland to compile the dossier of evidence which was used to prepare the case against Mr Rutherford.

A council spokesperson said: “We take antisocial behaviour very seriously and it will not be tolerated in East Lothian as it causes a significant level of disruption, fear and distress to our residents, which we deem unacceptable. Mr Rutherford has a long history of behaving in an antisocial manner which is why the council applied for this interim ASBO. We will take similar action against those who persist in behaving in an unacceptable way.”

The interim order will prevent Mr Rutherford from behaving in the manner described until 8 November when the case will call again and the council will ask the court to grant an antisocial behaviour order in the same terms as the interim order but for a period of two  years.





Published: Tuesday, 9th October 2018