A new report highlights progress being made in achieving the objectives of the 2017-22 East Lothian Council Plan.

The Annual Public Performance Report shows that 62% of the council’s performance indicators were on target in 2017/18. 16% were near target while 22% were below target.

Highlights and improvements include:

  • Recycling of household waste increased from 51.8% to 53.1%, keeping East Lothian above the national target of 50%. The number of vehicles accessing council recycling centres increased by almost 13,000 to reach over 470,000.
  • The cleanliness score has improved from 91.1% to 94.5%, placing the council above the Scottish average.
  • The number of jobs created through grant and loan awards increased from 97 to 257, while 437 jobs were protected through grants and loans – well above the target of 275.
  • The delayed discharge from hospital figure (patients waiting over two weeks) improved in each quarter and stood at eight as of March 2018.
  • Housing rent collected increased from 98.2% to 99.2% while business rates collection increased from 97.8 to 98.4% across the year.
  • 93.2% of home repairs were carried out right first time – up from 85.5% the previous year. The average time taken to complete non-emergency repairs fell by over 40% from 12.8 days to 7.2 days, while the average time taken to complete emergency repairs also reduced by over 40% to three hours.
  • 96.6% of council housing stock now meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard, which is just above the average for local authorities

The report also highlights indicators where improvements are required. The council will take action to enhance performance in these areas.

Council Leader Willie Innes said:

“This is a wide-ranging report which looks at performance across the first of five years covered by the Council Plan.

“I’m very pleased that over 62% of performance indicators were on target. Improvements in the amount of time taken to carry out repairs and an increase in the number of houses meeting quality standards is something which makes a real difference to people living in our communities. I also welcome the improvement in the delayed discharge figure. Meanwhile, we continue to increase East Lothian’s household recycling rate and support jobs in the local economy.

“This is very encouraging and our Council Plan has a very clear objective – continuing the journey towards an even more prosperous, safe and sustainable East Lothian, with a dynamic and thriving economy, that enables our people and communities to flourish. We are determined to maintain the momentum while placing an increased focus on areas requiring further improvement, working to reduce inequalities within our communities in the process.”

Read the Annual Public Performance Report

View the Council Plan

Published: Friday, 12th October 2018