Education Scotland has written to parents at Prestonpans Primary School to share the outcome of their most recent inspection visit, which took place in May 2018.

We are pleased that Education Scotland has recognised a number of positive initiatives that are ongoing to support children, and the pupils’ pride in their school.

The letter noted the following key strengths:

  • The staff team know the children and families well and there is a welcoming, caring ethos in the school.
  • The promotion of health and wellbeing developed through a range of clubs, activities and opportunities for wider achievement that are accessible to all.
  • The friendly children who are proud of their school, in particular their accreditation in the John Muir Award.

The following areas for improvement were identified:

  • Raise attainment in literacy and English language and numeracy and mathematics.
  • Improve approaches to self-evaluation to ensure rigorous and well-planned activities that have an impact on children’s learning and achievement.
  • Further develop a shared understanding of standards, expectations and levels of attainment and achievement.

Inspectors evaluated the school’s approach to self-evaluation for self-improvement as satisfactory, and raising attainment and achievement as weak. Education Scotland will work with the council regarding the school’s capacity to improve. A further inspection will be carried out to review progress one year after the publication of today’s letter.

Prestonpans Primary School has 367 pupils from primaries 4 through to 7. The Education Service conducted recently a statutory consultation to bring together Prestonpans Infant School and Prestonpans Primary School under a ‘one school’ model. Councillors will consider the results of the consultation at a full Council meeting on 11th December.

Fiona Robertson, Head of Education, said:

“We are pleased that Education Scotland has recognised a number of positive initiatives that are ongoing to support children, and the pupils’ pride in their school. We are committed to delivering the best educational experience and opportunities for all children in East Lothian. As such, we will be working closely with the team at Prestonpans Primary School to put in place the necessary actions to improve outcomes for their pupils and families.

“Improving children’s attainment and achievement is crucial which is why we are considering moving to a ‘one school’ model for the Prestonpans community. We believe this move would improve attainment, embed consistent standards and offer a seamless transition throughout pupils’ primary school years.”

Councillor Shamin Akhtar, Cabinet member for Education, said:

“Education Scotland has recognised the work of the school in promoting children’s health and wellbeing. Raising attainment across all of our schools is one of the key aims for this council as part of our commitment to ensure children have the best start in life. The letter highlights a number of areas for improvement that the education service have, and will continue to, take forward with the school team.”
A summarised inspection findings report providing further information on the outcome of the visit is available from Education Scotland’s website.

Published: Wednesday, 31st October 2018