Complaints concerning inappropriate behaviour at local offices and streets lead to ASBO

An interim ASBO was issued at Edinburgh Sheriff Court against Robert Ingle (24) of Fall Avenue, Dunbar prohibiting him from shouting, swearing, using aggressive, abusive or intimidating language or behaviour within his property and Fall Avenue, Dunbar or permitting or encouraging visitors to do the same, such as to cause, or be likely to cause, alarm or distress to other residents of, or visitors to, Fall Avenue, Dunbar.

Mr Ingle is also prohibited from shouting, swearing, or using threatening, intimidating, aggressive or abusive language or behaviour at, or towards, any East Lothian Council employee whether engaged on council business or not, by any means including electronic messages, telephone or written correspondence.

A number of complaints about Mr Ingle’s behaviour had been received by East Lothian Council’s Safer Communities Team and centred on his abusive and aggressive language and behaviour towards staff and visitors to East Lothian Council’s Bleachingfield local office and library, and abusive language and behaviour which has caused alarm and distress to other residents and visitors in Fall Avenue.

A council spokesperson said: “Police Scotland and our Safer Communities Team were contacted a number of times to investigate complaints about Mr Ingle’s antisocial behaviour which has caused alarm and distress. The interim ASBO prohibits him from using aggressive or abusive language or behaviour to neighbours and visitors and disturbing others by making excessively loud noise in his property such as repeatedly banging doors. His behaviour within the Bleachingfield Centre, including the public library has caused considerable distress and alarm to both staff and service users. East Lothian Council will continue to pursue appropriate legal action to tackle antisocial behaviour that can greatly affect others.”

Published: Wednesday, 14th November 2018