Excessively loud music and other noise complaints lead to Interim ASBO

An interim ASBO was issued at Edinburgh Sheriff Court against Steven McHaffie (36) of Lochbridge Road, North Berwick prohibiting him from playing a radio, TV, hi-fi, computer, musical instrument or any other sound producing device in his property at a level such as to cause or to be likely to cause, alarm or distress to other residents of, or visitors to Lochbridge Road, North Berwick.

In addition, Mr McHaffie is prohibited from allowing more than two visitors, except for those who are there in the course of the employment, within his property.

A number of complaints about Mr McHaffie’s behaviour, and that of visitors to his property, have been received by East Lothian Council’s Safer Communities Team and centred on excessively loud music and noisy gatherings at his property which has caused alarm and distress to other residents and visitors in Lochbridge Road, North Berwick.

A council spokesperson said: “Extreme and excessive noise can cause considerable distress to neighbours. Police Scotland and the Safer Communities Team responded to a number of complaints and gathered the evidence for appropriate legal action to be pursued.”


Published: Friday, 14th December 2018