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Document Downloads: Housing options

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Available downloads

Payment problems

Energy efficiency advice on how to prevent fuel poverty

Comfort Plus White Meter

Energy efficiency advice - this is an electricity tariff for people with storage heaters

Tariff 3 ComfortPlus Control

Energy efficiency advice - modern electricity tariff provided by ScottishPower for households with storage heaters

Domestic or Standard Rates

Energy efficiency advice - examples of electricity costs

Homelessness Strategy

East Lothian Council's Homelessness Strategy

Comfort Plus Control

Energy efficiency advice leaflets - heating (electric storage heaters)


Commercial/Industrial Premises

Estate management

Solid Fuel Guide

Guidance on different types of solid fuels

Solid Fuel Energy Efficiency

A guide on great ways to save money on your heating bills

Mutual Exchanges

Information to help tenants swap their homes with other tenants

  • Mutual Exchanges PDF (PDF)
  • Size: 511.38 KB
  • Estimated download time: (56k = 1 mins 15 secs)
  • Under occupation PDF (PDF)
  • Size: 540.07 KB
  • Estimated download time: (56k = 1 mins 20 secs)

Electricity Tariffs

Instructions and advice on the use of storage heaters

Talking To Your Supplier

Telephone call checklist for gas and electric supplier

Priority Service Register

Information on free services and benefits from gas and electricity suppliers.

Storage Heaters

Electricity tariffs for households with storage heaters

Energy efficency 2016

Energy leaflets provided by Changeworks

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