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Planning Applications and Weekly Lists

Search and view planning applications and weekly lists

You can view various documents relating to a particular registered application submitted to us. This will allow you to track the progress of an application from submission to decision.

To help you search and view planning applications we have created this pictorial guide to the process.

To search for an application

  • Use the simple application search
  • Enter your reference number or a keyword such as the street name
  • Click search
  • Select the application you are interested in

If your search returns a large number of results, you can use the advanced planning application search to refine your search.

Property search

Property searches can be carried out by either using the A-Z street search or to narrow the number of applications returned the address search.

To view our list of validated or decided applications:

  • Use our weekly list search or
  • Use our monthly list search
  • For advanced searching you can narrow the applications by Status, Parish, Ward, Week/Month
  • Choose whether you wish to see the validated applications or decided applications

Statutory weekly register

From the 3rd August 2009 the Planning Authority is required to provide a weekly register of applications registered and decided and a cumulative list of extant applications registered since that date.  The register can be found clicking on the above link.

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