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Grants and Loans for New Businesses

Economic Development's remit is to expand East Lothian's business base and funding for business growth is fundamental to this aim.

We provide sources of financial support to new and established businesses based in East Lothian.  Each support programme has its own application process, but you should note that all applications require a detailed business plan with financial projections.

Eligibility conditions and criteria change.  Because of this, we strongly recommend that you talk to one of our business advisers prior to making any application.  

Start-Up Loan

The Start Up Loan is a UK Government funded scheme that helps people who have a viable business idea get the funding they need to start their own business. For more information visit http://startuploans.co.uk

Business Gateway Expert Help (Existing companies only)

The following grants are available under the Business Gateway Expert Help.

Consultancy implementation grants - a grant of 75% up to a ceiling of £3,000 to assist in the implementation of recommendations from the consultancy programme. 

For an application form for any of the above or more information please contact Economic Development economicdevelopment@eastlothian.gov.uk or 01620 827282.

This programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


East Lothian Investments Ltd - Interest free loans are available for new start ups and existing businesses trading up to a ceiling of £25,000.  Download the application formguidance  and personal statement form.    

Social Enterprise Funding - Economic Development provides grant assistance where appropriate for individuals looking to develop a social enterprise (£2,000 seed funding), starting up a social enterprise (75% up to a ceiling of £5,000) and developing an existing social enterprise (75% up to a ceiling of £5,000).  For further information, please contact Economic Development economicdevelopment@eastlothian.gov.uk or 01620 827282.

Tourism Development Funding - A discretionary grant scheme is available for organisations and groups of 3 or more businesses in East Lothian wishing to develop tourism projects.

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