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Severe weather - your questions answered

School closures

All schools are open as normal

School openings 

During severe weather, headteachers are normally responsible for deciding whether to close their schools. In all instances, they will try to keep schools open if at all possible so as to create minimum disruption to children's education.  However, we must also take into account the risks posed by:

  • asking parents, children and school staff to travel to school when travelling conditions are poor
  • poor heating or sanitation caused when, for example, pipes freeze or burst
  • inability to provide school meals
  • conditions in the school grounds and the surrounding area, for example, flooding or sheet ice.

We try to make sure that information about school closures are on the council website, but you may also want to contact your school or nursery to make sure what's happening. If a school is closed for some time, it is worth checking your school's web site, using the contact link above, to see whether the school is posting homework and guidance to help your child study at home.

School transport

East Lothian Council uses a range of transport companies to provide school buses for East Lothian children who live more than two miles away from their school.  In severe weather, these services can be disrupted. If services are affected we will provide an update from the homepage of the Council website

If your school is open but your school bus service has been cancelled due to bad weather, you can transport your child to school yourself if you think it is safe for you to do so, or you can keep your child at home. It would be helpful if you could phone your child's school before 9.30am to let them know that your child will not be attending school. 

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