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Dragons and Penguins: Debi Gliori and Gavin Francis take a trip to Antarctica

Date: 7th Feb 2015

Location: Haddington Library

Time: 15:00 - 16:30

Cost: Free

A unique family event bringing together children's author and illustrator Debi Gliori and famed travel writer Gavin Francis.

Reading Gavin’s book “True North” led Debi on a journey from the Arctic to the Antarctic. She became compelled to learn about places she’d never visited through the powerful medium of books written by talented and passionate writers such as Gavin. Having listened recently to Gavin talk about his experience of being the base camp doctor at a profoundly isolated British research station in Antarctica, she leapt at the opportunity to share an event with him. Without such inspiration, Debi reckons “Dragon loves Penguin” wouldn’t have happened.  She says “I caught a bad case of Antarctica-itis, for which the only cure was to work through it by writing and drawing.” Fortunately for us, Debi’s own exploration on paper resulted in this beguiling and beautifully illustrated book. She certainly is one of the most talented writer and illustrators working today.

In his book “Empire Antarctica” Gavin follows penguins throughout the year, from a summer of perpetual sunshine to months of winter darkness. He explores a world of great beauty and experiences the hardship of living at 50 degrees below zero. Gavin’s descriptions are sublime. This is travel writing at its very best.

This event is free but ticketed. For children aged 6+ and adults.

Book your place by contacting Haddington library, 01620 820680; haddington.library@eastlothian.gov.uk

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