Panel Privacy Notice

What we will do with any personal data you have provided

Your personal data will be stored securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).

Your name and address will be kept on a secure electronic database which will be password protected, paper copies of forms you have submitted will be disposed of as confidential waste.

In some instances we may use a third party to carry out data input in relation to Citizens’ Panel responses. In such an instance, East Lothian Council will ensure that a data processing agreement is in place governing how the third party processes that data.

We may also use a third party to analyse Citizens’ Panel feedback, however, no personal data will be included in the data sent to any third party carrying out analysis.


We will use SurveyMonkey software to develop questionnaires for e-panellists.

SurveyMonkey conforms to EU data protection requirements.

Your responses will be stored in a password protected SurveyMonkey file.

Online questionnaires will be kept for a year before being deleted.