Young Carer Questionnaire

How can we help?

East Lothian Council want to ensure that all our Young Carers have the same opportunities as other children and young people their age. We therefore need to know who our Young Carers are in order that we have the most appropriate services in place to meet their needs. It you know a Young Carer or are a Young Carer please complete our Initial Questionnaire on Viewpoint. Some-one from the Young Service will then contact you to tell you more about what we are doing to support Young Carers in your local area.

If you know someone that is a young carer or you think you are a young carer, fill in our young carers screening questionnaire.

Young carers questionnaire

What is a Young Carers Statement?

All Young Carers have the right to a Young Carers Statement as outlined in the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016. It helps Young Carers to work out how caring responsibilities affect their life and plan how they can ensure their personal goals are met. 

Benefits of having a Young Carers Statement

The Young Carers Statement will help you to voice your feelings and needs about what it is like for you to be a Young Carer. Having one will make sure that you are listened to, especially about decisions that affect you. It will help you work out what help you need and then plan to get you the right help from the right people. The Young Carer’s Statement will help you to recognise your

  • strengths
  • skills
  • qualities
  • personal goals

Someone from the Young Carers Service or another trusted adult can help you prepare your statement. It is important that you understand all the information in your statement and it is the job of the person who prepares it with you to explain it to you. Just because you are a Young Carer does not mean that you have to have a Young Carers Statement. If you don’t want one, it is your choice. If you decide that you would like a Young Carers Statement and then change your mind, you have the right to ask for it to be removed. You can also decide when it should be reviewed.

Work with Schools

As the majority of our Young Carers will be in school it is crucial that the Young Carers Service works in partnership with schools to identify our young carers. You will therefore find staff in schools offering the following;

  1. Awareness raising of Young Carers rights with staff and pupils, particularly their right to a Young Carers Statement.
  2. Meeting Young Carers to get their views.
  3. Helping set up a support group in school if that is what local Young Carers want.
  4. Providing a “drop in” so that Young Carers can get advice and support.
  5. Supporting Young Carers to prepare their Young Carers Statement or offering guidance to whatever adult the Young Carer chooses to help them prepare their statement.
  6. Offering additional support to those meeting eligible criteria.