Why we need foster carers

Helping children to laugh, flourish and be all they can be, that's what I do. There is no other job like it, it's a privilege to be part of their journey and help them fly.

Children and young people come into foster care for a variety of reasons and East Lothian look after 300 every year.

That is why we rely on our band of foster carers; they offer children a stable, caring and familiar environment that can help create a positive path with a brighter future.

We believe children do best when they remain in their local area, so we are constantly seeking to recruit more carers in the local community.

If you become an East Lothian foster carer you are helping very vulnerable children:

  • keep close to the people that matter to them
  • not have to change schools
  • not lose touch with friends or wider family

Not every fostering agency thinks this is important but we do - we really see the value in not sending children far away from everyone and everything they know.

So are you who they're looking for?

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