Who can foster?

We'd love to hear from you, whatever your background.

To be a potential foster carer in East Lothian you must:

  • Be single, married, in a civil partnership or living together in a stable long-term relationship
  • Be over 21
  • Have experience of children and young people
  • Have working arrangements compatible with fostering
  • Be a team player
  • Be fit enough to meet the challenges of looking after active children
  • Agree that the use of physical punishment is not acceptable
  • Have an inclusive, non-discriminatory attitude
  • Both be available for training if applying as a couple
  • Be able to provide a foster child with their own bedroom, although sometimes younger brothers and sisters can share
  • Be able to provide a safe environment

East Lothian Council will not place a child in a house where anyone smokes, has issues with drugs or alcohol or keeps dangerous animals as pets.

What are the statutory checks?

As well as a Home Health and Safety Check and where required a Pet Risk Assessment, each participant will be assessed over a period of up to six months in a Homestudy. The following statutory checks are also carried out:

  • Disclosure Scotland check
  • Medical references
  • Local Authority check
  • Employment history and employers' references
  • Personal references
  • Previous partners