What are the different types of fostering?

There are lots of different ways a foster carer can offer loving and supportive care. You can choose any mix of the following roles to fit their circumstances:

  • Interim Foster Carers: to look after children and young people who are temporarily unable to be with their own families until the situation at home has improved or permanent foster carers or adopters are found
  • Permanent Foster Carers: to look after children when it is clear they will be unable to return to their own families
  • Continuing Care Supporting Young Adults: to care for and work with teenagers and young adults to help prepare them for independent living
  • Short Break Carers: this can range from Respite Carers to look after children for short periods to Support Carers offering regular support to children and young people still living at home and Share the Care - a family-based respite service for children and young people with physical and/or learning disabilities.

For futher guidance on fostering, take a look at the foster carer handbook