What would I be paid for fostering?

Foster carers receive a fee for each child they foster and an allowance for each child.

The fee is the carer's income for the work they do and their use of skills.

Carers are approved as Level 1 carers to begin with and can progress to Level 2 as they gain skills and experience. Level 3 carers provide a specialist resource.

The allowance covers the cost of looking after the child, for example, to cover cost of food, clothing, activities, holidays, school equipment, pocket money and so on. The allowance varies according to the child's age.

Example - Level 1 Carers

Mr and Mrs A are new to fostering and are Level 1 carers. They look after two children (Sadie and Angus), a brother and sister, aged 6 and 9 years old.

Level 1 fee X 2 = £303.00

Child's allowance X 2 = £267.40

Total = £570.40 per week

For looking after Sadie and Angus Mr and Mrs A receive £570.40 per week. They receive an additional £1069.60 to cover the children's Christmas and birthday costs bringing the total to £30,730.40 per year.

Example - Level 2 Carers

Mr and Mrs B are more experienced carers (Level 2).

They look after Joe who is 14 years old.

Level 2 fee = £202 per week.

Young Person allowance - £163.74 per week

For looking after one child (Joe), Mr and Mrs B receive £365 per week. They also receive a birthday, Christmas and holiday allowances of £654.96 making a total of £19,634.96 per year.

Example - Level 3 Carers

Mrs C is a very skilled and experienced carer. She fosters two children (James and Billy), who are 11 and 13 years old. They are not related to one another. Mrs C receives:

Level 3 fee X 2 = £606 per week

Allowances X 2 = £315.96 per week

For looking after James and Billy Mrs C would receive £921.96 per week. She receives a further £1,263 in birthday, Christmas and holiday allowances bringing the total to £48,736.92 per year.