Fees and allowances

There are different fees and rates for adoption and fostering carers and the rates of the fees relate to the carers' level of skill and registration. Also, the rates of allowance vary according to the child’s age.

The fee refers to the carer’s income for fostering and does not need to be spent on the child. The allowance covers the cost of providing for the child in order to meet his or her everyday needs.

Fostering weekly allowances

0 to 4 £168.31
5 to 15 £195.81
16 to 18 £268.41

In addition, Christmas and Birthday allowances equivalent to one week’s standard allowance and Holiday allowance equivalent to two weeks standard allowance. Christmas allowances will be paid in advance of the one in which Christmas falls.

Fostering weekly fees

0 to 11 £160 per week
12 to 18 £220 per week

A pro rata, daily rate applies to both fee and allowance when a child is with the carer for less than a full week.