Why adopt with us?

Our social worker has been great. She made the Homestudy an enjoyable experience; she was thoughtful, considerate, knowledgeable and professional and made us feel very relaxed throughout

Adopting a child is a life-long commitment which needs careful consideration and preparation. We are here to help you with that.

Most of the children we place are early primary school age or younger but we have no upper age limit if adoption is the right plan for the child.

You should adopt with us because:

  • we value our adopters
  • our professional, friendly team provide local support and guidance
  • we can support adopters with counselling, advice and information about all aspects of adoption
  • we can help you access East Lothian and Scotland-wide registers to bring together the profiles of children in need of adoption and details of prospective adopters
  • we are committed to finding adoptive parents as early as legally possible to promote early positive relationship building
  • we will organise local preparation and training for your adoption
  • you will receive support from a designated adoption social worker
  • you will get advice and buddying from experienced adopters
  • you will receive support for children and young people affected by adoption

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