Inter-country adoption

An inter-country adoption is an adoption of a child who is habitually resident in one country by an individual or couple habitually resident in another country, in this case Scotland.

If you are living in East Lothian and are interested in adopting a child from overseas you need to know that inter-country adoptions are only permitted through registered adoption agencies such as that managed by East Lothian Council.

All prospective adopters must be assessed as suitable to adopt by their local adoption agency.

This assessment involves a discussion of your lifestyle, what you could offer a child from overseas, as well as standard checks including medical, financial, police and local authority, also interviews with referees who know you well.

As well as meeting Scottish standards prospective inter-country adopters must also satisfy the eligibility criteria of the country from which they wish to adopt. These can include restrictions on the age, sexuality or marital status of potential adopters.

Inter-country adoption is a complex and lengthy process, involving the local authority, Scottish Government, legal advisors, the government of the child's home country, and the UK Border Agency. It can also be a costly process as each of these agencies requires a fee for services.

Nevertheless, many Scots have successfully adopted from overseas. If you would like to discuss further please call or email the team, details are on the page.