Support and services we provide

In Scotland, the term looked after children refers to children and young people who are 'in care', this means they are looked after by us.

There are lots of reasons why children and young people become 'looked after', they may be voluntarily, through a parent, or because the child is considered to be at risk. Some children just need looked after for a short time and return to their family, but others can be for much longer.

When this happens we do everything we can to make sure they feel safe and happy.

Our foster carers

Children and young people who are being looked after by foster carers receive round-the-clock advice and support.

If you are looking for guidance please see our Foster carer handbook

Our foster carers are highly trained, very experienced and can provide valuable emotional and practical support.

For more information about fostering, please go to our Fostering section.

Our residential workers

Looked after children and young people who live in Pathway and Lothian Villa, our children and young people's centres, are supported 24 hours a day by a team of well-qualified, dedicated and experienced staff who are equipped to deal with the wide range of issues that young people bring to them.