Corporate parenting

When a child goes into care in East Lothian, the council becomes their corporate parent. This means we have a responsibility to promote the wellbeing of our looked after children.

We work with partner agencies including NHS Lothian, Police Scotland and Who Cares? Scotland.

We want to ensure sure children and young people feel in control of their lives and able to overcome the barriers they face.

Corporate parenting responsibilities extend to all care experienced children and young people aged from birth to when they cease to be looked after. This includes children and young people:

  • in residential care
  • in foster care
  • in kinship care
  • in secure care
  • who are looked after at home with social work involvement
  • care leavers who were looked after on their 16th birthday (or subsequently, the responsibilities continue to apply until the care leaver reaches their 26th birthday).

It takes a whole community to raise a child.

To find out more about our role, download our Corporate Parenting Plan 2017-20.

You can also download our top tips for corporate parents.