What is The Promise?

East Lothian is on an exciting journey to keep the promise made to our children, young people and their families. It's crucial we create conditons that allow families to flourish

All children and young people need love, support and respect when growing up, however sometimes the care system was unable to fulfil those needs. In 2016 an Independent Care Review was commissioned and its aim was to determine how Scotland could be the best place to grow up for children and young people.

The Care Review began its work in 2017. Over the next three years they listened to people whose lives involved the care system, whether that be through work or living situation. Over 5500 people were listened to, half of which were children, young people and adults who had care experience.

All 32 of the local authorities, along with carers and workers, were also involved in the process. Through hearing the stories and experiences of these people, and conducting their own research, the Independent Care Review led to ‘The Promise’.

The Promise is a call to action so that our children and young people grow up healthy and safe. The Promise is about empowering voice, influencing culture and language.

At its core it focuses on relationships, rights and participation. We want to create a good childhood, not a system. Everybody has a part to play in making sure Scotland keeps its promise.

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