Priority Plan 21-24

Plan 21-24

The Promise Scotland created three phases as a part of their main goal to #KeepThePromise, the first being Plan 21-24. The plan was created to highlight the first steps in keeping The Promise by 2030.

It focuses on what is happening right now, setting up services and structures so it can be a foundation for the future two plans. It also identifies what people and organisations should do by 2024 to stay on track of keeping The Promise.   

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The five fundamentals

There are five fundamentals to Plan 21-24 that should be at the core what organisations do in relation to care experienced people.

These are:

  • What matters to children and families - The system and services have been the priority for too long, rather than the people they are meant to serve. This fundamental puts what matters to children and families at its centre. It focuses on supporting them, rather than the system they exist in.
  • Listening - Listening to children and their families is a key part of decision making. It should be embedded into all practices and services. We must ensure that the voices of children and their families are listened to at all times.
  • Poverty - The impact of poverty can be felt throughout the care system in Scotland, especially due to COVID-19 and rising living costs. We must focus on levelling up family income so that they can make choices that best suits their family.
  • Children's rights - It is imperative that all children, no matter their background, receive the same level of support. Attention must be given to every child and adult.
  • Language - Using the correct language when talking about care and our young people is empowering and reduces stigma. East Lothian Council are supporting care experienced people through the use of correct language when referring to their lives and experiences.

The five priority areas 

Along with the five fundamentals, Plan 21-24 also outlines five priority areas. These areas focus on making significant changes for care experienced people and their families, whist also laying groundwork for Plan 25-27.

The five priority areas are: 

  • a good childhood 
  • whole family support
  • supporting the workforce
  • building capacity
  • planning