How we're keeping The Promise

We’re working with partners on a journey to improve the lives of children, young people and their families by #KeepingThePromise. Our approach has been reflective of the five fundamentals, which are a part of the Priority Plan 21-24.    

What matters to children and families

We’re one of three local authorities that has been working as part of the Whole Family Wellbeing Fund set up by the Scottish Government. This aims to transform services in a way that helps families access support holistically and that are focused on their specific needs. 

We’re working within two pilot areas, Dunbar and Fa’side, to understand what children, young people and families need. By doing this we can deliver services that complement the needs of all. If you live in Fa’side or Dunbar and would like to get involved in helping shape this project please email Emma Laverie (Fa’side) and Zoe Thomson (Dunbar).


We’re putting the voice of children and young people at the heart of our work by involving those with care experience in on-going projects and service transformations. Their input as care experienced people has been important for the development of our work. The East Lothian Champions Board has also been heavily involved with work on this fundamental. 

If you’re interested in getting involved with different participation opportunities please email Kari-Ann Johnston.


East Lothian Council works in partnership with NHS Lothian, Health and Social Care Partnership, third sector and other partners to tackle the root causes of poverty.

Reducing poverty and inequality is one of our key council priorities. We’re focused on creating and promoting jobs that pay a fair wage and ensuring people are supported to maximise their income through benefits they are entitled to. This gives people the opportunity to properly thrive.

You can read more about our approach in the East Lothian Council Poverty Plan 21-23. If you need support with your income maximisation please go to East Lothian Council’s Financial Inclusion page.

Children’s Rights

Upholding children’s rights ensures children grow up happy, healthy and heard. The East Lothian Children’s Strategic Partnership (CSP) is committed to safeguarding, promoting and supporting the health and wellbeing for all children and young people, and their families.

The CSP’s Children and Young People’s Services Plan 2023-26 sets out the vision and aims to make meaningful difference to the lives of children, young people and their families.


Language is powerful and has the potential to celebrate and support, or create stigma and confusion. We’ve worked alongside Each and Every Child to ensure we think, speak and write in ways are respectful toward care experienced people and that do not diminish their experiences. The Each and Every Child initiative has worked closely with East Lothian Champions Board to help reframe some of the East Lothian Champion’s Board priority areas.

If you are aged 14+ and would like to be involved in the East Lothian Champions Board please contact Kate McCracken for more details.