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Welcome to the East Lothian Freedom of Information download section. Below you can find a comprehensive list of all of our downloads, which can be refined by date and/or topic searches.

Please note that downloads may not always be added to the website on the same day that the information is released to an applicant. In addition, the following information will not be published:

  • Personal data, for example details of the person who submitted the information request.
  • Information relating to very specific, individually focused issues. Without understanding the context of the information it would not necessarily be useful to anyone other than the applicant.
  • Information released before this download section was launched and dating back to the introduction of the Act, unless of significant public interest.

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Download Title Type Size Topic
Adult and Children's Services Structure - February 2016  PDF 47 KB Council and Government
Cost of flooding clear-up operations - February 2016  PDF 40.81 KB Business and Trade
Waste collection charges - February 2016  PDF 43.04 KB Business and Trade
Segregated bus lanes - February 2016  PDF 25.66 KB Transport and Streets
Littering Fines - February 2016  PDF 57.99 KB Transport and Streets
Planning applications for places of worship - February 2016  PDF 94.75 KB Planning and the Environment
Provision of Adult Literacy Learning - February 2016  PDF 18.94 KB Community Life and Leisure
Public Health Funerals - January 2016  PDF 17.04 KB Planning and the Environment
Public Health Funerals - January 2016  PDF 57.06 KB Planning and the Environment
Children and Families Act 2014 - January 2016  PDF 17.08 KB Education and Learning
Applied Behavioural Analysis - January 2016  PDF 27.37 KB Education and Learning
Town Twinning - January 2016  PDF 37.06 KB Council and Government
Council Households - January 2016  PDF 45.83 KB Housing
Looked After Children - January 2016  PDF 15.66 KB Social Care and Health
Housing Benefit Claims - January 2016  PDF 34.76 KB Council and Government
Housing Information - January 2016  PDF 22.25 KB Housing
HMO Properties - January 2016  PDF 14.8 KB Housing
Compulsory Purchases of Land - January 2016  PDF 27.12 KB Law and Licensing
Pupil numbers and free school meals - January 2016  PDF 36.67 KB Education and Learning
Pupil numbers and free school meals - Pupil Census Rolls Sept 2015 - January 2016  PDF 35.24 KB Education and Learning

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