East Lothian Council

Street sweeping and litter control

Street sweeping and litter management

The Council picks up litter on:

  • beaches
  • roadside verges
  • streets
  • rights of way
  • most places where the public have access

In 2007, we removed over 3,500 tonnes of litter and debris from our roads and streets, plus a further 1,000 tonnes from our beaches. 

Some of this rubbish was natural (e.g. leaves and seaweed) and some was collected from street bins; however, a lot had been dropped by people who should know better on our streets and grass areas.

We take part in a national survey of street cleanliness run by Beautiful Scotland, and the results of this survey show that we are gradually getting better at cleaning our streets. However, as long a people choose to drop their litter rather than putting it in a bin or taking it home with them, it will always be there to spoil the look of our beautiful county.

Litter prevention and community action

ELLI, East Lothian Litter Initiative

Determined to reduce the amount of litter in our streets and parks, the Council has launched the East Lothian Litter Initiative (ELLI), a long-term plan to tackle the problem.

You can find out about the action we're taking on litter prevention and how you can join hundreds of like-minded folk who volunteer to take part in litter picking in our ELLI Community Information Pack and our Volunteer Information Leaflet. Both are available from the Downloads section at the bottom of this page.  

You can also help to cut the amount of litter in your community by:

  • pledging to pick up a piece of litter every day (thereby demonstrating  to everyone that you won't put up with litter and littering)

Street sweeping and litter bins

We are also investing heavily in new street bins and have added some 400 new bins in recent years.

We won't put bins on every corner of every street - we'd rather people behave responsibly and take their litter home with them - but where bins can be seen to help reduce litter, we always try to provide one.

You can put used poop scoop bags into all our litter bins, so you don't have to search for a dedicated dog bin to properly dispose of your dog's poop.

Our teams of street sweepers and machines are also trying to tackle the general mess that builds up on our streets from things like grit, mud and leaves.

We make the most effort to clean up those areas that are the worst affected. Because of this, if your street is clean, you won't see our sweepers very often, but if your street is dirty or strewn with litter, we'll try to visit it as often as we can to keep it clean.

Fly tipping

Fly tipping of household and business waste is a growing problem in East Lothian and we deal with over 400 reported incidents a year.

If you have some household waste that you need to get rid of and it can't be put in your wheelie bin, please phone us on 01875 824305 or visit our page on Special uplifts

If you find some dumped rubbish, please contact us on 01875 824305, email landscapeandcountryside@eastlothian.gov.uk, or report it online and we will arrange for its removal. We will also try to find the person responsible. 

For more information on any aspect of litter prevention, street sweeping, litter bins or fly tipping, please contact us.

John Muir House, Haddington, EH41 3HA

Telephone: 01875 824305

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