East Lothian Council

Care homes in East Lothian (residential care)

Assessments and financial contributions

How do you calculate costs?

Costs will vary depending on whether the home is owned and managed by us or by an outside organisation.

Additionally, some services within the home may be provided free of charge, while others, such as hairdressing or newspapers, will incur an extra charge.

We can discuss this with you at the time of your financial assessment. You should also speak to the care home to clarify its charging policy.

All of East Lothian's residential homes are subject to the charges agreed by our Council each year.

You can find out more about costs on our Charging for Residential Services page

Assessment, eligibility and charging for services

We use assessments to make sure our recommendations are appropriate, will address your needs and meet our eligibility criteria. To find out more about this, and our charging policy, please read our assessment of need section.

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