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Submitting Planning Applications

Guidance and Advice

Guidance Notes

Guidance notes giving details of what information is required to accompany a planning application are available from the Scottish Government website.

Alternatively the same guidance notes can be downloaded in pdf format from the East Lothian Council's website

If you are enquiring or wishing to complain about a neighbour's high hedge please contact the Safer Communities Team on 01620 829902 in the first instance.

The list is not exhaustive and you may be asked for further information to enable your application to be validated / registered.

Processing agreements - Major and complex planning application

Processing agreements are a project management tool which can help developers, the Council and other relevant parties manage the process and timings of decision making on major and complex planning applications. They would normally be set out at the pre-application stage, by agreeing the significant stages which need to be met before the application can be determined. This will usually include agreement on any planning obligation required.

To work, agreement needs to be reached on what information needs to be submitted with the application, who should submit it and when. A processing agreement can help everyone understand their role in helping with the Council's project management of an application through the stages needed to get to a decision, within deadlines. This means everyone knows when information should be available and how this affects the  timescale to determine the application. In this, it needs to be flexible so that if information is not submitted when it needs to be, the timescales are likely to change.

Processing agreements are not compulsory but are an option that can be used for all national and major developments and for other complex applications which require substantial supporting information and careful consideration of timescales. If you wish to discuss, please contact the Service Manager, Planning via environment@eastlothian.gov.uk

Further advice

We will be able to provide you with all the advice you need to understand the planning system and submit an application.  

We have a duty officer available every Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 9am and 1pm. You can either:

  • visit Environment Reception, John Muir House, Brewery Park, Haddington, EH41 3HA
  • or telephone 01620 827216.

In addition Planning Aid for Scotland (PAS) is an independent organisation which offers a free (subject to eligibility) and impartial planning helpline. Advice is provided by volunteers all of whom are qualified planners. PAS also offers a series of planning information sheets online.  PAS works across Scotland to improve public engagement in planning and delivers a range of training and education programmes.

Environment Reception, John Muir House, Haddington, EH41 3HA.

Telephone: 01620 827216

East Lothian Council, John Muir House Brewery Park Haddington East Lothian EH41 3HA.