ClimatEvolution - community consultation

A public consultation is underway on plans to ensure a major area of change in the county can become a national example of environmentally-friendly and inclusive development.

The area includes Blindwells, the former Cockenzie Power Station site and parts of the surrounding area including existing towns and villages and has been identified as a place-based response to East Lothian Council’s Climate Change Strategy.

ClimatEvolution Vision and Action Plan

A visionary document, called ClimatEvolution Vision and Action Plan, is the basis of a public consultation which asks all interested parties for their views on all or part of the strategy. It has been drawn up in partnership with East Lothian Council, the Scottish Government, The Lothian Drainage Partnership, SEPA, Scottish Water and Scottish Natural Heritage.

The consultation is currently live on the council’s Consultation Hub and we have extended the deadline for responses for two months to take into account the challenges of a public consultation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

View the consultation documents

Community engagement

Extra outreach work is planned by way of direct engagement with groups such as community councils, area partnerships, youth groups and the Cockenzie Forum, the Battlefield Trust and others. In addition, there is information available on the council’s website which goes into detail on the strategy and copies of the document can be purchased on request. We will also be carrying out engagement work in schools in the new term.

Video presentation

In advance of this outreach work we have prepared a video which sets out the background to the ClimatEvolution Vision & Action Programme as well as some of the main proposals - to help you understand the reason for drawing up the document and what it seeks to achieve.


Key focus points in the video:

  • introduction and background (see 00min 00sec)
  • overview of ClimatEvolution Context and Vision (see 9min 34sec)
  • access and movement (see 19min 00sec)
  • the water environment (see 22min 17sec)
  • culture, heritage and leisure (see 25min 58sec)
  • greenspace and biodiversity (see 30min 03sec)
  • strong communities, regeneration and enterprise (see 33min 22sec) 
  • reflections (see 38min 00sec)

We invite you to:

  1. view the video before you meet us - when you will be able to ask questions and seek clarification to help you form a consultation response
  2. send us discussion points or questions in advance of the meeting - to help us structure discussion and to focus on those aspects you would most like to cover

We look forward to meeting you at the upcoming event.