Free sanitary products available across East Lothian

No one should feel embarrassed or miss out on school or work because they don’t have the sanitary products that they need.

That’s why we’re working with partners to make free, high-quality sanitary towels and tampons available in a wide range of venues across East Lothian.

Research suggests that over 137,000 children in the UK have missed school because of period poverty, while 1 in 10 girls can’t afford to buy what they need. The financial impact in households where more than one person needs sanitary products is higher. We don’t think this is fair.

We’ve made free high-quality supplies available through our schools, libraries, community centres and some local GP practices. Please take what you need for your period. These can be for yourself or someone else you know who needs them – your child, someone you care for or a friend.

Look out for our eye-catching posters and stickers at locations where you can stock up, or find the nearest venue to you. Supplies will be restocked regularly. 

We are currently reviewing the locations that stock free period products and will update this page if anything changes. If you need products and can’t get them locally email us.

Free period - free sanitary products available across East Lothian
Over 137,000 UK children have missed school due to period poverty,