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Adult Social Care charging policy

Charging for Residential Services

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Charges are based on:

  • Ability to pay
  • Maximum charge
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Equity
  • Transparency
  • Compliance with national guidance
  • Discretion for exceptional circumstances

Financial assesment

Before any charges are made a financial assessment will be carried out.  The assessment calculation we will based on the income that the individual should be receiving and not what they actually get.


Where a person is admitted to a care home, we will only take into account their own financial resources, including their share of any resources they jointly hold with their partner or spouse, when assessing their contribution towards the cost of their care.

Planned absences

Where a person living in a care home is absent temporarily, on holiday or similar circumstances, we will continue to pay 100% of our contracted contribution for up to 6 weeks. Where a planned absence is more than 14 days we will cease to make Free Personal Care and/or Free Nursing Care (self-funding) payments to the provider from the 15th day of planned absence. Individuals will continue to be charged for their contribution towards their care.

Emergency admissions into a care home

No charge will be made for the first 72 hours on admission to a care home in an emergency situation. An emergency admission is a period of up to 72 hours,  after which the person will be considered to be a resident and will be eligible to be charged.  

Temporary admissions to a care home

A temporary stay can be up to 52 weeks and in exceptional circumstances slightly longer.

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