Electricity and marine works

Wind farms

Offshore wind power or offshore wind energy is the use of wind farms constructed in bodies of water, usually in the ocean on the continental shelf, to harvest wind energy to generate electricity.

Water environment and marine works

The scoping report lists a comprehensive range of previous investigations and reports that will be used for the baseline evaluation.

These include wave modelling, sedimentation condition evaluations, etc and cover the main points that need to be investigated such as waves, tides, suspended sediments, hydrodynamic flow patterns, coastal flood risk, water quality, etc.

Screening and scoping

The EIA Scoping report describes the data sources and techniques used, or those to be used, in describing the environmental baseline and potential impacts on human beings, flora and fauna, landscape, geology, air, water and any interactions between these, which will be identified within the Environmental Statement.

The EIA process will involve baseline studies, identification and assessment of potential impacts, mitigation and residual impacts after mitigation.

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