Biodiversity is all the different plants and animals, and the habitats where they live. The biodiversity of East Lothian includes over 4,000 species of invertebrate, over 300 species of bird, 28 species of mammal and 3 species of reptile. It also includes woodlands, the coast, ponds, moorland and so on.

Biodiversity is also part of nature conservation. Many species have become extremely rare over the last few decades. Some species have become extinct. Loss of habitats, pollution and climate change all affect plants and animals. The biodiversity process aims to help species and habitats in greatest need.

Over 150 government leaders have signed an international agreement to conserve biodiversity. This agreement is known as the Convention on Biological Diversity. A UK Biodiversity Action Plan has been produced, as well as a Scottish Biodiversity Strategy to tackle biodiversity issues across the country. Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAPs) have also been written to help local wildlife.

Please visit the East Lothian Council Biodiversity page for more information. You can also email for more information on biodiversity in East Lothian.