Housing Education for Schools


We offer two presentations about Independent Living. These teach students how to run a successful tenancy and avoid homelessness.  One is a PowerPoint presentation turned into a YouTube video, which the tutor starts and stops him/herself, as it progresses. The other is paper-based.

  • Independent Living 1 is about sustaining housing and avoiding homelessness. In workgroups, the students discuss leaving home successfully. This is a significant problem in East Lothian, where young people may need to seek homelessness help. If they lose their first tenancy that can leave them more vulnerable than when they first left home.
  • Independent Living 2  offers students help with the responsibility of running their tenancy. It deals with issues such as paying their bills and looking after themselves. It helps them understand how to transition to independence from their families/carers, successfully. Two key documents for this presentation are attached. The 'Welcome to your new home pack,' for students - and the tutor notes, which need to be understood beforehand.
    Further docs are described in the Tutor notes and will have to be created for each lession - i.e - house types. 

All materials are updated regularly and schools will be informed when changes are made. Advice and training is available, on request to the Housing Service Development Team at East Lothian Council (01620 827827).