How to be involved


1. Having a say

2. Why should I get involved

3. What will be in the strategy

4. Will my idea be in the strategy

5. Contact us

1. Having a say

The team will be consulting with local residents on a draft LHS. 

 If you'd like to have a chat with us, please get in touch - our contact details are below. We'll use social media and other means to share questions, surveys and updates over the coming months.

2. Why should I get involved

This is a chance to shape East Lothian's future, for yourself and future generations.  Communities are at the heart of East Lothian, and we want local residents to be able to shape the Strategy to ensure it reflects your priorities.

3. What will be in the Strategy

It will set out the challenges and opportunities for investment in new and existing housing in East Lothian.  It will include ideas and actions that are about improving housing and housing related services in East Lothian.

We need you to tell us what your priorities are. So, over the next year, we'll be asking local residents for their ideas about how to make East Lothian an even better place to live. And we hope you'll work with us to develop a Strategy that can make those aspirations happen. The content of the final Strategy will be led by our statutory responsibilities and your input. It might include:

  • A commitment to the developing wheelchair accessible housing across all tenures
  • An action to improve knowledge of housing need and demand in rural areas of East Lothian
  • Support to continue existing specialist housing support services or develop new services

4. Will my idea be in the Strategy

Although there is likely to be many different ideas from different people across East Lothian, it's likely that ideas which share common goals and themes will be included.

We'd like to get as much input as possible. We want to encourage discussion and debate and speak to as many people and groups as we can. We'll do this through surveys, online events and engagement packs we can send out to community groups. We will also be in communities speaking to local residents, community groups and third sector organisations.

5. Contact us

We'd love to hear from you! Contact the Housing Strategy Team here -

Email -

Phone - 01620 827827

Address - Housing Strategy & Development, Penston House, Macmerry Industrial Estate, EH33 1EX