Information about paying your rent

This topic is for you if you are struggling to pay the rent, and think you may lose your home as a result.

If you are a Council tenant, there is a page about Council rents, and one about Housing Benefit  

If you are struggling to pay your rent, perhaps because you are liable for the under-occupancy charge, sometimes known as the "Bedroom Tax" you may be entitled to a  Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP),  which is a short-term payment you can apply for if you claim Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and cannot afford to pay your rent.

You may find the other pages listed on the right or below useful - about maximising your income and benefits, and managing your money. This page will provide information about Local Housing Allowance (Housing Benefit) rates, if you are a private tenant

Many tenants' Housing Benefit has now been rolled into the Universal Credit programme.

The short video below explains how you can get help, if you are a council tenant in arrears ...