Eviction from a rented property

My landlord wants me out

This topic is aimed at tenants who are risk of losing their tenancy. If you are living in a council or Housing Association home but are not the tenant, you may be a 'qualifying occupier' - for more help see Qualifying Occupiers.

If your landlord tells you that you need to leave, you may still be able to stay. This will depend on::

  • the type of occupation agreement you have, and
  • the reasons why your landlord wants to evict you.

There are a number of places you can get help and advice. For example, the council and other agencies can help you by:

  • checking your landlord has followed the correct procedures to regain possession legally
  • negotiating with the landlord to see if it is really necessary for you to be made homeless

Eviction from a council or Housing Assocation property

Eviction from a private let