Where and how to apply to Housing Associations

The three largest East Lothian housing associations (ELHA, Homes for Life and Castle Rock Edinvar) use a website called HomeHunt to allocate their properties. Applicants can register, apply for priority passes and bid for properties. Properties are advertised in local papers as well, and people choose which ones they wish to apply for.

A priority pass system takes particular needs into account. Passes are awarded to those in 'significant housing need'. Each provider gives details in the Guide to HomeHunt, and when a customer registers with HomeHunt. If a customer’s circumstances match any priority pass descriptions, a relevant form should be completed as part of the web registration process.

Customers without web access will be sent paper copies. Only one priority pass is given at any one time, but if a customer qualifies for two passes at the same level, s/he may be awarded a cumulative pass at a slightly higher level. Passes are valid for 2 years, although they can be renewed in certain circumstances (e.g. no suitable properties were advertised).

Visit the Homehunt website

Applicants and their advisors can ask housing association staff for further information and advice. More detailed written information is available, and staff are happy to discuss any questions.

New Housing developments

Housing associations develop new houses all the time, at a variety of rent levels. New and forthcoming developments can be found on our Affordable Housing page.

Contact details are in Housing Associations in East Lothian.