All eligible children are entitled to a funded part time place at a local authority nursery setting or with a funded provider. Currently the total number of funded early learning and childcare hours is 600 per year. However from August 2021 or sooner the total number of hours will increase to 1140 per year.

Local Authority Nursery Settings

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Funded Provider

The following provide early learning and childcare on behalf of the council:

  • Private nursery settings in partnership with the local authority
  • Childminders
  • Community childcare centres
  • Independent School nursery classes.

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Throughout Scotland, children from 3-18 will experience learning through the Curriculum for Excellence. All centres listed will be implementing this curriculum, to enable children to become successful learners.

Find out more about Curriculum for Excellence.

Additional support needs

All local authority nursery settings and funded providers have places for children with additional support needs. If your child has additional support needs, you should discuss the level and nature of these needs with the head teacher or centre manager, to ensure that your child receives the support required to make the most of their time in nursery.