Applying for Early Learning and Childcare in a council setting

To apply for a place in a local authority nursery setting you should complete a nursery application form around the time your child turns two years old.

The nursery application form is available here and also available from any of our East Lothian council nurseries. The completed form should be submitted to your first choice nursery with a copy of your child’s birth certificate.

You will be asked to list, in order of priority, up to three nursery choices. The completed form should be submitted to your first choice nursery. 

Where possible all children will be able to access a place at their preferred nursery. However we cannot guarantee this. Therefore it is important to complete section 3 of the application form listing up to three nursery choices, in order of priority.

All children registered for a place in a council nursery for August/September 2022 by Friday 11 March 2022, will receive the outcome of their placement by the end of April 2022.

Nursery application forms

Council nursery hours