Moving onto Primary School

Allocation of places

Placement in a primary school is based on home address and pupils who attend the local nursery school or class are not guaranteed a place if they do not live within the school's catchment area.

Find out your school catchment area and more about enrolling your child in school

Deferring entry

Traditionally in Scotland almost all children aged between 4½ and 5 enrol in primary school at the start of the autumn term.

Children with birthdays in January and February can defer entry into primary school and access a free part time nursery place for an additional year.

Children with birthdays that fall between the first day of the autumn term and 31 December also have the right to defer their start to school but a free nursery place is not automatic and is at the discretion of the child's local authority.

Decisions about whether or not a child would benefit from an additional year of nursery education will in all cases seek to promote the best interests of the child. The views of parents and carers will contribute to the decision.

If you decide to make an application for an additional year of nursery education, you can get an application form from your nursery.